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Artist: Ping
Release: The Castle Massacre
Label: QDK Media
The Castle Massacre
No.: QDK 048
Format: LP/CD
Date: 2006


01 Bow to the Beagle
02 Anyway But Now
03 Blue Velvet Robe
04 The Castle Massacre
05 Comoneverybody
06 The Skating Hall
07 Dying on a Strange Day
08 The Dog
09 December
10 My New Friend
11 No 3
12 Manuales
13 Inside a Rock
14 Konstantinopel
15 The Stupid Whistler

Oslo-based band Ping is comprised of Jørgen Greiner, Mattis Janitz, Alexander Lindbäck, Tore Hofstadand Hans Fredheim. Ever since their debut offering in 2000, It’s a Picnic, Ping has rollercoasted through a variety of different styles, gliding past musical boundaries and turning the laws of harmony upside down. The Zappaesque ride continues with The Castle Massacre, in a dense prog/electro/punk/jazz mix. The opening song “Bow To The Beagle” seams to quote electronic pioneer Bruce Haack. “Anyway But Now” juggles around prog-rock motifs like Ween used to. “Blue Velvet Rope” dances at a ´70s funk pace. The title track reminds of early Genesis, “The Skating Hall” recalls 10ccand “Comoneverybody” uses the jazzy flute and space-funk grooviness of Captain Beefheart. “Manuales” rips Kraftwerk, “Inside A Rock” swings with a reggae vibe and “Konstantinopel” recycles old vaudeville traditions. All these influences, together with a powerfully distinguished sound, make this Ping album a truly exhilarating experience. But in spite of all these daring combinations of different styles, Ping don’t drift away into artificial avant garde spaces. The core of their songs is almost always an outstanding pop melody. Ping has earned enthusiasm from critics all over Scandinavia and it´s time for the rest of the world to get just as excited.

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