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Artist: Complete Discography
Label: Normal Records

Abwaerts - 3rd album
Abwaerts - mehr alkohol
And Also The Trees - 1st album
And Also The Trees - farewell to the shade
And Also The Trees - green is the sea
And Also The Trees - Hunter not the hunted
And Also The Trees - listen for the rag and bone man
And Also The Trees - the klaxon
And Also The Trees - the millpond years
And Also The Trees - virus meadow
Art Of Fighting - Wires
Barb Donovan - 18 tracks
Chris Cacavas - 1st Album
Chris Cacavas - Anonymous
Chris Cacavas - Bumbling home from the stars
Chris Cacavas - Good times
Chris Cacavas - New improved pain
Chris Cacavas - Pale blond hell
Dream Syndicate - 3 1-2
Dream Syndicate - out of the grey
Dream Syndicate - the day before wine and roses
Eric Andersen - Memory of the future
Eric Andersen - You cant relive the past
Fern Knight - Seven Years of Severed Limbs
Green On Red - archives vol 1
Hannah Marcus - black hole heaven
Hannah Marcus - faith burns
Hannah Marcus - river of darkness
HEAVYbreathing - Bite It
HEAVYbreathing - Stop It
HEAVYbreathing - Thrill me
HEAVYbreathing - Touch Me
Herman Duene - Switzerland Heritage
Hungry Ghosts - Hungry Ghosts
Jansen - muedigkeit
Jansen - prepost
June Tabor - an echo of hooves
Katrin Achinger - jump - without a warning
Louis Tillett - a cast of aspersions
Louis Tillett - cry against the faith
Louis Tillett - egotripping at the gates of hell
Louis Tillett - learning to die
Louis Tillett - letters to a dream
Louis Tillett - the hanged man
Low-fi generator - pop-up cola
Low-fi generator - stereo
Myrna Loy - immerschoen
Myrna Loy - i press my lips in your inner temple
Myrna Loy - time says helay
Penelope Houston - birdboys
Penelope Houston - karmal apple
Penelope Houston - once in a blue moon
Penelope Houston - the whole world
Tenfold Loadstar - It is cold outside and the gnome is you
The Silos - ask the dust
The Silos - cooler
The Silos - cuba
The Silos - diabolo
The Silos - hasta la victoria
The Silos - heater
Tom Liwa - 2 Orginals
Tom Liwa - Dudajim
Tom Liwa - Evolution Blues
Tom Liwa - Funky Sexy
Tom Liwa - Lopnor
Tom Liwa - No Existe
Townes van Zandt - abnormal
Townes van Zandt - absolutely nothing
Townes van Zandt - documentary
Townes van Zandt - highway kind
Townes van Zandt - in pain
Townes van Zandt - Jester Lounge
Townes van Zandt - Live and Obscure
Townes van Zandt - rear view mirror
Townes van Zandt - rear view mirror vol 2
Townes van Zandt - roadsongs
Transmissionary Six - spooked
XXL Lieblinge - Subworld

Label: Return to Sender

Barbara Manning and The Go-Luckys - Transatlantic Trips
Chris Brokow - wandering as water
Chris Cacavas - Kneel
David Schramm - folk und die folgen
Fink - Letzter September
Hannah Marcus - weeds and lilies
Hugo Race - stations of the cross
Keith Secola - for our ancestors
Louis Tillett - Live at the Basement
Louis Tillett - midnight rain
Louis Tillett - ugly truth
Migala - Restos de un incendio
Missouri - Green Apple Sea - By the Time We Get to Phoenix
Mushroom - Oh They are weird and they are wonderful
Penelope Houston - Loners Stoners and Prison Brides
Return To Sender - Compilation 2001
Sir Vincent Lone - songs for lonely americans
Steve Wynn - the suitcase sessions
Swell - EP
Thalia Zedek - hell is in hello
The Minus 5 - I dont know who I am
The Setters - Dark Ballad Trash
The Silos - Barcelona
Thinking Fellers Union Local 282 - porcelain entertainments
Tom Herman - Wait For It
Tom Liwa - GlaubergCalifornia
Tom Liwa - Staefa CH
Townes van Zandt - Live at McCabes
Transmissionary Six - Go fast for cheap
U.S. Saucer - united states saucer
Walter Salas-Humara - lean
Willard Grant Conspiracy - we evils in the Captains Biscuit
X-TAL - biting the ugly biscuit

Label: QDK Media

Amanaz - Africa
Betty Page - danger girl
Betty Page - jungle girl
Betty Page - private girl
Betty Page - the interview
Betty Page - The World of a Pin-Up Queen
Bruce Haack - Electric Lucifer Book 2
Bruce Haack - Hush Little Robot
Cuomo - ejazz
Die Shadoks - Die Kinder der Shadoks
Die Shadoks - Die Shadoks und die Gibis reisen zur Erde
Electronic Toys - Volume 1
Electronic Toys - Volume 2
Love Peace Poetry - Vol.1 American
Love Peace Poetry - Vol.2 Latin
Love Peace Poetry - Vol.3 Asian
Love Peace Poetry - Vol.4 Japanese
Love Peace Poetry - Vol.5 British
Love Peace Poetry - Vol.6 Brazilian
Love Peace Poetry - Vol.7 Mexican
Love Peace Poetry - Vol.8 African
Love Peace Poetry - Vol.9 Turkish
Love Peace Poetry - Vol 10 Chilean
Ping - The Castle Massacre
The Weinberg Method - of non-synthetic electronic rock
The Witch - Introduction
The Witch - Lazy Bones
Tirogo - Float
Various Artists - Asian Takeaways
Various Artists - Doob Doob ORama
Various Artists - porn to rock
Various Artists - YEE-HAW - The Other Side of Country

Label: Shadoks Music

Abstract Truth - Silver
Abstract Truth - Totum
Ariesta Birawa Group - same
Bango - Bango
Beauregar Ajax - Deaf Priscilla
Betty - Handful
Blops - Box
Blues Addicts - same
Born Again - Pagan
Brain Police - San Diegos only Psychedelic Cops
Brigade - last laugh
Brush - Brush
Bunalim - same
Butterfingers - Butterfingers
Candida Pax - Day
Candida Pax Day - leer.jpg
Captain Marryat - same
Contents Are - Through You
Days - same
Edip Akbayram - same
Fate - Sgt. Death
Fingletoad Strange Siho - Mazzola
Finjarn Jensen - same
Framework - Skeleton
Freedoms Children - Astra
Freedoms Children - Battle Hymn of the Broken Hear
Freedoms Children - Galactic Vibes
Fresh Blueberry Pancake - heavy
Hardal - Hasil Ne Zaman
Headstone Circus - same
Hugo Filho - Paraibo
Instant Orange - Instant Orange
Iota - iota1
John and Philipa Cooper - The Cooperville Times
Juan de la Cruz Band - up in arms
J W Farquhar - The Formal Female
Kamijo - Martha
Ladies WC - same
Liverpool - Por Favor Sucesso
Love Depression - same
Maitreya Kali - apache - inca
Mendelbaum - same
Merry Airbrakes - Merry Airbrakes
Mick Stevens - same
Mick Stevens - the englishman the river
Moses - Changes
My Indole Ring - My Indole Ring
Mystery Meat - Profiles
Odmenn - same
Otis Waygood - Ten Light Claps And A Scream
Paul Adolphus - The Dawn Wind
Peacepipe - John Uzonis Peacepipe
Pete Fine - On a Day of Crystaline Thought
Rayne - same
Sacros - Sacros
Shark Move - Ghede Chokras
Shiver - San Franciscos Shiver
Shuttah - The Image Maker
Simla Beat - 70 - 71
Sound Factory - same
Spectrum - Geracao bendita
Spoils of War - 2
Spoils of War - Spoils of War
Strange - Souvenir Album
Svanfridur - What is hidden there
Terje Jesper Joachim - Terje Jesper Joachim
The Flow - Flow
The New Tweedy Bros - The New Tweedy Bros
The Walflower Complextion - Walflower Complextion
Think Dog - Dog Days
Third Eye - Awakening
Third Eye - Brother
Third Eye - Searching
Time - Before There Was
Time to Suck - same
Tony Caro and Jon - All on the first day
Trubrot - same
Various Artists - Shadocks Music Compilation
Victoria - Victoria
Wailing Wall - same

Label: Soundtracks

Various Artists - Alles auf Zucker
Various Artists - Almanya
Various Artists - Alpha07
Various Artists - Als wir trumten
Various Artists - Am Ende kommen Touristen
Various Artists - Am Tag als Bobby Ewing starb
Various Artists - Aus der Tiefe des Raumes
Various Artists - Baader
Various Artists - Banklady
Various Artists - Basta
Various Artists - Blackbox BRD
Various Artists - Bloede Muetze
Various Artists - Blutgletscher
Various Artists - Bombshell Baby of Bombay
Various Artists - Chiko
Various Artists - cover_lulu
Various Artists - Das Leben ist zu lang
Various Artists - Das Weisse Rauschen
Various Artists - Der Alte Affe Angst
Various Artists - Der deutsche Freund
Various Artists - Der Geschmack von Rost und Knochen
Various Artists - Der Rote Kakadu
Various Artists - Der Tango der Rashevskis
Various Artists - Die Hoehle des gelben Hundes
Various Artists - Die Koenige der Nutzholzgewinnung
Various Artists - Die Nacht singt ihre Lieder
Various Artists - Die Reise des chinesischen Trommlers
Various Artists - Die Summe meiner einzelnen Teile
Various Artists - Eine andere Liga
Various Artists - Ein fliehendes Pferd
Various Artists - Elementarteilchen
Various Artists - Emmas Glueck
Various Artists - Fenster zum Sommer
Various Artists - Finnischer Tango
Various Artists - Free Rainer
Various Artists - Fremder Freund
Various Artists - Gegen die Wand
Various Artists - Grenzverkehr
Various Artists - HEAD-ON
Various Artists - Holy-Lola
Various Artists - Katze im Sack
Various Artists - Kebab Connection
Various Artists - Keep Surfing
Various Artists - Kleiner starker Panda
Various Artists - Kleiner starker Panda Hrspiel
Various Artists - Lauf um Dein Leben
Various Artists - Liebesleben
Various Artists - LuluUndJimi
Various Artists - Maerzmelodie
Various Artists - Meine schoene Bescherung
Various Artists - Mein Fuehrer
Various Artists - Muxmauschenstill
Various Artists - narren
Various Artists - Nichts als Gespenster
Various Artists - Offroad
Various Artists - One Day In Europe
Various Artists - Poll
Various Artists - Raeuber Kneissl
Various Artists - Salami Aleikum
Various Artists - Schau mich an
Various Artists - Schroeders wunderbare Welt
Various Artists - SCHULTZE
Various Artists - Schwarze Schafe
Various Artists - Schwarzwaldhaus 1902
Various Artists - Siegfried
Various Artists - Sin Nombre
Various Artists - Sommer in Orange
Various Artists - Sommer vorm Balkon
Various Artists - Sophie Scholl
Various Artists - Stadt als Beute
Various Artists - Stellungswechsel
Various Artists - SuperSizeMe
Various Artists - The Bombay Connection
Various Artists - Touch The Sound
Various Artists - Vaeter
Various Artists - Warchild
Various Artists - Wer frueher stirbt ist laenger tot
Various Artists - Whisky mit Wodka
Various Artists - Wie im Himmel
Various Artists - Willenbrock
Various Artists - Wir

Label: Bollywood

Bollywood Records - 2hot2cool
Bollywood Records - Amitabh Bachchan
Bollywood Records - Anjaam Trimurti
Bollywood Records - Asoka
Bollywood Records - Baghban Baabul
Bollywood Records - Billu
Bollywood Records - Blue
Bollywood Records - Chaahat English Babu Desi Mem
Bollywood Records - Chamatkar Raju Ban Gaya Gentleman
Bollywood Records - Dil Chahta Hai
Bollywood Records - DUS
Bollywood Records - Heyy Babyy
Bollywood Records - Hum Tumhare Hain Sanam
Bollywood Records - Josh
Bollywood Records - Kar Le Kar Le Koi Dhamaal
Bollywood Records - Koyla Shakti
Bollywood Records - Lagaan
Bollywood Records - Lakshya
Bollywood Records - Lucky
Bollywood Records - Meenaxi
Bollywood Records - Musafir
Bollywood Records - Paheli
Bollywood Records - The Definitive Collection
Bollywood Records - The Definitive Collection 2
Bollywood Records - The Definitive Collection 3
REM - Bachna Ae Haseeno
REM - Billu Barber
REM - Chak de India
REM - Chalte Chalte
REM - Chori Chori Chupke Chupke
REM - Dhoom
REM - Dil Ka Rishta
REM - Dil Se
REM - Don 2
REM - Fanaa
REM - greatest clips
REM - Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam
REM - Ich bin immer fr dich da
REM - Indian Love Story
REM - Inlay
REM - James
REM - Kaal
REM - Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna
REM - Kisna
REM - Krrish
REM - Kuch Kuch Hota Hai
REM - Kyun Ho Gaya Na
REM - Om Shanti OM
REM - Om Shanti Om Song DVD
REM - Pardes
REM - Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi
REM - Raincoat
REM - Rang De Basanti
REM - Roadside Romeo
REM - Sarkar
REM - Sometimes Happy Sometimes Sad
REM - Swades
REM - Tashan
REM - Thoda Pyaar Thoda Magic
REM - Umrao Jaan
REM - Veer Zaara
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story - Citadel
story - Flying Nun
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story - Rattlesnake
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